Orange Boot Bakery 1st Birthday Contest

Hi!  Glad you made it.  Got a friend in mind?  Then let’s begin!

Please fill in the form to enter the Orange Boot Bakery True Friend contest.

The first section is about YOU.

The second section is about your Best Friend.  Who is she?  Why is she bread-worthy?

Remember, if you win, your friend wins too!

Fine Print:

  • it would be great if your friend lived in Regina or nearby, so she could enjoy her bread!
  • one entry per person.  Yes I’ll check.
  • “Free Bread for a Year” = two loaves of fresh bread per week for you and two for your friend.  No holdovers, stockpiling, transferring, etc. etc.  It’s just something nice between the three of us, ok?

Ready? Here we go!   (* means it’s a required field)

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